Health and Safety of personnel, the protection of the Environment and the quality of our product are at the heart of everything we do at WPF. It ensures that all of our clients receive exceptional service and a quality product, without any compromise to Occupational Health and Safety.

WPF is committed to the principle of Duty of Care in its obligation to the safety and wellbeing of its personnel, its clients, its subcontractors and its visitors.  This same principle governs all of our decisions in the safeguarding and protection of the environment in which we operate.

The fundamental factor in establishing an effective safety management system is our use of Risk Management processes. These processes focus on the delivery of effective and safe systems of work.  Regular maintenance of plant and equipment and effective training, all serve to enhance the safety of our workplace.

As part of WPF’s continuing commitment to Occupational Health and Safety, we are currently in the process of putting systems in place with a view to achieving ISO 45001 accreditation.  Once this has been achieved, the company intends to run an Integrated HSEQ management system.

In line with our quality management system, the commitment of our employees to all aspects of health and safety is the key to achieving our objectives.

WPF welcomes existing and potential new clients to audit our facility to assure themselves of our ability to meet their toughest expectations.  In order to achieve our objective of continuous improvement, the feedback from others is always welcomed.