Procurement & Expediting

Over the years, WPF have built up an extensive network of suppliers. These range from the supply of critical services to fabrication and construction materials, engineered equipment, machinery, tools, consumables, safety equipment, PPE and everyday office equipment.

As a result, we find ourselves well positioned to offer our clients a procurement and expediting service which outperforms many in the industry. WPF believes in maintaining long-term, senior level relationships with our suppliers, thereby ensuring that materials, components and services are sourced promptly at the best possible price.

Our familiarity with client and industry requirements in terms of quality, quantity, specification and certification levels puts us at an advantage over many of our competitors in this field. Variations in packaging and quarantine requirements of various clients, and various work sites, are easily taken care of.

With a secured supply chain, through approved suppliers, WPF ensures that projects proceed efficiently and scheduling is not compromised.


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