CDE Inspection & Repair

A key component of Wilson’s Pipe Fabrication’s (WPF) services to industry is the servicing for re-certification of capital drilling (CDE) and production equipment.

This includes the disassembly, cleaning, inspection and disposition, repair, re-assembly, factory acceptance (FAT) and system integration (SIT) testing of equipment such as test stumps, wellhead connectors, spools, flex joints, marine drilling risers, telescopic joints, riser handling spiders & gimbals, diverters, manifolds, riser adaptors, goosenecks and high pressure risers.

WPF also has the capability to weld various API 5L grades of conductor and structural casing from 16” to 36” diameter, including casing to casing, casing to connector, casing to wellhead and casing to cement shoes & collars. This type of welding is accompanied by all the necessary heat treatment, NDT and full documentation packages.

Clients include operators, onshore and offshore drilling contractors and OEMs.


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