Rigging, Scaffolding & Rope Access Services

In conjunction with our fabrication, maintenance, installation and other works, WPF also delivers rigging, scaffolding and rope access solutions appropriate to most onshore and offshore applications.

The company brings many years of experience to the task, with a full appreciation of the techniques necessary for the design, erection and dismantling of scaffolding structures to ensure compliance with standards and regulations.

The company’s engineers are constantly examining and assessing developments in new scaffolding and rigging technologies to implement safety and efficiency benefits for clients.

The key to a successful implementation is through work preparation, with the ability to adapt within the limits of safety and regulations.

Rope access is offered as a subcontracted service. This is a fast and economical service as it involves less interference with asset operations and is extremely efficient requiring fewer personnel with minimal disruption or downtime. There are many areas where we utilise this service to provide flexibility and precise access to difficult to reach areas without the use of scaffolding, cradles or an aerial work platform.

The cost reduction for the client is significant as rope access technicians negate the cost of a standby vessel for routine tasks such as inspections and maintenance. Furthermore we ensure our rope access technicians comply with client’s procedural, quality and safety requirements prior to commencing work. In most situations our crews work side by side in unison with clients existing maintenance teams.

WPF only employ the best personnel that uphold a continuous and outstanding safety culture.


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