Location:  Perth                                                   Date: March 2016

Our client – Oil States Industries

Three sets of recovered 30” Low Pressure Wellhead Housings and two sets of recovered 18 ¾” High Pressure Housings with adaptors were sent to WPF for replacement of the casing extension sections. All housings and casing extension joints were free issued.

WPF’s scope of work included:

  • Qualify a suitable Submerged Arc welding procedure for joining the HP and LP wellheads to the casing material in compliance with the applicable specifications.
  • Receipt free issue wellheads and new replacement casing extension sections.
  • Set up and weld the LP housings to 30” OD x 1.5” wall casing extensions.
  • Remove the remnant welds and HAZ from the 18 ¾” HP housing adaptors and re-machine weld bevels.
  • Set up and weld the HP housings to 20” OD x 1” wall casing extensions.
  • Heat treat all welds in accordance with the weld procedure specifications.
  • Grind flush all butt welds on OD and ID.
  • Carry out NDT and hardness testing in accordance with client requirements.
  • Paint bands and markings onto the HP and LP wellhead joints as per client requirements.
  • Preserve wellhead joints for long term storage
  • Protect and prepare joints for shipment.
  • Compile and submit QA documentation.

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