Location:  Perth                                                       Date:  2019

Our client – Oil States Industries

A Marine Riser String from one of the MODU’s currently drilling off the WA north west coast was sent to WPF for full D & I, repair, re-assembly, re-coating, testing and re-certification. This was the first time a project of this nature and scale had ever been undertaken in Australia.

WPF’s scope of work included:

  • Engineering and project management.
  • Yard preparation.
  • Design and build special tooling for the project.
  • Provide cranage and other machinery and handling equipment for the project.
  • Receipt and lay down a total of fifty-seven x 75ft risers and spare parts.
  • A full dismantle and clean up prior to inspection by OEM.
  • UHP cleaning of main tube, choke & kill line internals.
  • Inspection and repairs to buoyancy modules.
  • Assistance with inspection by OEM – including visual, NDT, PMI, dimensional and hardness testing.
  • Major repairs where necessary and hand dressing of minor damage.
  • Parts and seals replacement where necessary.
  • Replacement of damaged/corroded fasteners with new DROPS compliant fasteners.
  • Paint repairs to all corroded areas of main tubes, choke, kill and booster lines.
  • Pressure testing of all auxiliary lines.
  • Reassembly in accordance with OEM procedures including buoyancy modules.
  • UHP washing and sealing of hydraulic lines
  • Installation of new protectors onto all main tube and auxiliary line ends.
  • A full DROPS compliance survey prior to load out.
  • Protect and prepare risers for long term storage and load out.
  • QA documentation as required.

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