Wandoo B – New Processing Train

Arrakis Pipe Spool manufacture and installation – Phase 1  

Location:  Perth & Offshore                                                   Date: 2020

Our client – Vermillion Oil & Gas

WPF were commissioned with the manufacture and offshore installation of all Carbon Steel, SS316 and Super Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe Spools and Structural Steelwork for the new sand & sediment processing train on the Wandoo B production facility. Piping was installed as ‘completed and hydrotested’ spools with no site welding allowed. As there were to be a number of tie-ins to existing pipe flanges, with specific inclinations and rotations, the accuracy of fabrication was vital for successful installation. Spools were laser surveyed to ensure compliance with the strict dimensional constraints. In addition to the piping, WPF were tasked with the refurbishment of the 30” hydrocyclone separators as well as the manufacture and installation of the primary and secondary stage separator vessel hardware.

WPF’s scope of work included:

  • Supply all carbon steel piping and structural material.
  • Receipt, check, documentation, preservation and storage of all free issue material & valves.
  • Fabrication of all carbon, SS316 and SDSS spools.
  • Fabrication of pipe supports and structural platforms.
  • Servicing of various existing vessels & equipment
  • NDT of structural steelwork and spools complying with normal fluid as well as severe cyclic service.
  • Hydrostatic testing of spools.
  • Surface treatment of pipe spools & structural steelwork.
  • Refurbishment and testing of 30” hydrocyclones.
  • Manufacture of various vessel nozzles including some with CRA inlay.
  • Manufacture of primary separator stilling wells
  • Supply material and construct gas box on site, within primary separator vessel.
  • Manufacture and installation of sand weirs, baffle plates and supports for vessel internals
  • Tagging, protection, packaging and load out into baskets for offshore transport.
  • Compile and submit QA documentation for onshore component of work.
  • Full site installation and commissioning of completed phase 1 system.


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